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About “In the Coast Guard” : There are a lot of things that go on in the Coast Guard every day, the plan is to bring you bits and pieces of things to try and give some insight to the service. Sometimes the In the Coast Guard piece will feature a blog articles, sometimes bits of news from around the Coast Guard, sometimes a bit of both.

  • A C-130 got hit by lightning when it was on it’s way home from the Bahamas yesterday. I knew being a pilot was risky, but lightning? No thanks! The plane landed safely, and everyone was alright and I think one of them at least should probably go out and buy lottery ticket. (No offense to the pilots out there, I know that it takes a lot of training and skill to fly, not just luck.)

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  • Speaking of C-130s, it seems a training exercise off Oahu’s Halona Blow Hole “brought a rash of calls from the public about a possible plane crash on [today]” according to the Honolulu Advertiser. Both the fire department and the Coast Guard were called about the potential crash, which as you can see in the article there was no crash. The plane was flying low to work on maneuvers and no one meant for anyone to be alarmed.

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Coast Guard Cutter POLAR SEA (WAGB 11) is one of the world’s most powerful, conventionally propelled icebreakers. This image shows it on the Chukchi Sea, AK.
  • Our ice breakers are aging just like the rest of our fleet, well except for the little detail that we drive ice breakers into thick ice on a regular basis. Recently a contract with Todd Pacific for work being done on the Polar Sea (WAGB-11) was modified, work is being done to get the ship ready to continue its missions.

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  • A woman and her toddler were rescued in a search yest as they tried to swim the 4 miles to shore after a night on a boat that had run out of gas. This is a good story to read, not just because it is a successful rescue story, but also because it demonstrates how important wearing life jackets is for anyone who is out on a boat. It doesn’t matter if you are 4 miles off shore or 40 miles, young or old, life jackets are going to save your life.

Story here

I am not saying that the decision to leave the boat was right or wrong because who can say what led to the decision. What I will say this don’t go out on the water at all unless you are prepared. Think about what you need, a radio, flares, lifejackets, fresh water, and that’s at the very least. This woman and her little girl had their life jackets on and once they were out of the boat? I am pretty sure that really helped keep them alive until they could be found.

You wouldn’t go climbing Mt. Everest without the right equipment and some way to call for help if you got into trouble right? Well the ocean is a lot bigger than Mt. Everest.

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