ItCG- Two teen deaths, Coast Guard rescues a diver, and boater arrest for BUI

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ItCG (In the Coast Guard) posts are a daily feature in the Coast Guard Compass to cover media reports and blog pieces of interest.

    • Two teens drowned Saturday while on a boating trip to celebrate a friend’s graduation in the Hammerman area of Gunpowder Falls State Park in Baltimore County. There is a federal investigation into the deaths because the bodies were found in federal waters near the Aberdeen Proving Ground.Story here
  • The Coast Guard rescued a diver with the bends was rescued off of John’s Pass, Fl. yesterday. The “bends” also known as decompression sickness has to do with breathing nitrogen or other gases under pressure, which are not metabolized by the body and can be fatal.Story here
  • This should be a simple concept- don’t drink and boat. Coast Guard Station Ketchikan assisted Ketchikan Police Department in arresting a man boating while intoxicated Tongass Narrows, Alaska yesterday.Story here

    On the Coast Guard boating safety site you can find a study talking about BUI and how it contributes to boating accidents and fatalities. Read more here.In 2007, 157 deaths, 337 injuries, and 421 accidents while boating were determined to have alcohol use as a contributing factor.

    When you have been drinking, even if you think you might be okay, don’t drive. That means don’t drive your boat, your car or any other vehicle.

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