ItCG-A medevac, Coast Guardsman of 30 years, protecting the southern borders

  • A Coast Guard HH-65 medevaced a 56-year-old fisherman from his vessel after he was injured, but sadly he passed away after reaching the hospital. Paul Pinto was fishing with his stepson when fatally injured. My sincere condolences to his family and friends.Story here
  • In the Coast Guard there are a lot of members who are not the first in their family to serve. Take for example Wayne Fisher, Jr. who followed in his father’s footsteps in joining the Coast Guard and went on to serve 30 years. Sadly Fisher, 80 years old, died June 5 of lung disease. He is worth reading about in the Orlando Sentinel piece about him.Story here
  • Wired’s Danger Room is talking about the Coast Guard, specifically our role in the protection of our borders. (We had talked about securing the borders in the Compass earlier this week. Read it here.) The author interviewed the Commandant and the last line in the post made me chuckle. That being said, the article gives an interesting perspective on operations and is one you should check out.Story here
  • Tom Rau, a retired Coast Guard Senior Chief, has an article in the Grand Haven Tribune talking about boating safety and the deaths of the NFL players that made national news this year when they went missing after their boat capsized. The author says “I’m absolutely convinced had these football players been required to take an effective boating safety course, they would be alive today.” and the article details out what choices he believes could have improved their chances of survival.Story here

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