itCG – #1 in DHS, Reservist recognized, ravine rescue, man on an air mattress

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  • Coast Guard was ranked top agency in the Department of Homeland Security and 29 out of the 216 federal government agencies in the Best Places to Work survey. Another great indication our workforce is pretty happy.
    More information here
  • Since we’ve been talking about Southwest border security, here is another example of how the United States is increasing cooperation with Mexico and strengthening border security.
    Story here
  • Reserve members are a big part of our workforce and often don’t get enough recognition for balancing their service with their personal lives. Here is a great news story about a woman who is not only a Coast Guard Reservist but also an educator for the nonprofit Teach for America program.
    Story here
  • We have mentioned some of the unusual places you find Guardians at work… well, yesterday in Oregon the Coast Guard rescued two young boys and a dog from a ravine. Thanks again to more help from Good Sams.
    Story here
  • Okay, this rescue is an interesting one. I don’t know how he got there and I’m glad he’s safe, but I bet there is a great story behind it.
    Story here


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