itCG-Facebook to the rescue, family of four rescued, marine event permits

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  • Social media tools are not just for socializing but proved to be a great research tool saving thousands of dollars during a search case yesterday. A Coast Guard Sector Northern New England Search and Rescue Controller used Facebook to ultimately contact a missing boater. According to the Controller, “Sometimes we have to be very creative in our information gathering.” You bet we do and what a great use of resources!
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  • Life jackets, a marine radio, and good search investigation helped members at Coast Guard Station Emerald Island rescue a family of four clinging to their capsized boat. Despite weak radio signals, watchstanders were still able to correlate the family’s location based on the radio towers that received the mayday calls. When the rescuers found the family, they were all wearing life jackets. This is a great example of being prepared when boating.
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  • Many of Florida’s coastal cities are going to have great offshore fireworks this season. Coast Guard approved permits for the fireworks after a thorough review of environmental concerns. Regulation requires anyone wanting to hold a maritime event such as fireworks, boat parades, regattas, races, and other events that may pose a navigational or environmental hazard to submit a Marine Event Permit Application through the local Coast Guard unit. Stay tuned for a feature post on the Marine Event Permit process.
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