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  • Rescue 21 helped Guardians locate and rescue a family of eight whose boat took on water and capsized yesterday off the North Carolina coast. Communications were lost after a few mayday calls for help, but watchstanders were able to correlate the boats position using the advanced Rescue 21 system.
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  • Coast Guard and local agencies teamed up yesterday in the New York City area for Operation Safe ‘N Sound. Free boat inspections were given to help boaters learn about the safety requirements for their boats. Best part is there aren’t any penalties for not passing the inspection. Boaters are informed of deficiencies and encouraged to bring their boat up to regulation. If you are interested in getting a free vessel safety exam in your area or to conduct a virtual exam, check out this link.
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  • Interested in what is going on in the Department of Homeland Security? The Blog at Homeland Security provides an “inside-out view” of what the department does. This recent post discusses the department’s ongoing efficiency review. Sure, it’s not the most exciting stuff to talk about, but if you are interested in what the various components are doing to save taxpayer dollars and streamline processes, check out this post.
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  1. Excellent post. Thanks for the references! I often wonder how many people actually keep up with homeland security, but seeing it as I enjoy it, I appreciate the post!

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