itCG-busy start to the holiday weekend, the anniversary of MSST’s

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It has already been a busy start to the holiday weekend for Guardians with several search and rescue cases across the nation. Here are a few…

  • Thankfully, this one ended well. Coast Guard searched all day yesterday for four men on an overdue and unreported boat on Lake Erie. The search began Thursday night when family members warned authorities that the men failed to return as planned (hooray, a float plan!). They were all found alive yesterday evening clinging to their overturned boat.
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  • Coast Guard launched a search for a young boy who went overboard from a small boat on the Delaware River Friday night and one of the two men who went in after him. One man was rescued safely, but the boy and other man have not been found. Although the article doesn’t say whether the boy or the men were wearing life jackets, I think of what flight attendants say in preparation for take off – something like, “in the event of an emergency, put your oxygen mask on before helping others.”
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  • Coast Guard has been searching for a missing diver off the coast of Tampa, Florida since mid-morning yesterday. The diver failed to return to the boat after spear fishing.
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  1. Please take a look ta Zacs web page

    Position: 07/03/09 1633Z 26 16.151N 114 01.632W

    The last couple of days have been pretty crazy around here. I have been battling a 2-3 knot current and a 25 knot wind from the NW. I have been tacking every few hours day and night trying to make headway which has been exhausting.

    Yesterday morning my radar alarm went off and I saw a white boat heading towards me. I tried hailing them a few times but got no answer. As they got closer I saw it was a Coast Guard cutter so I waited as they approached and launched an inflatable. The side of the boat said US Coast Guard which was strange because I was only 20 miles off of the coast of Mexico.

    I dropped the sails and 4 armed officers boarded the boat and did a customary search for anything illegal. They checked all of my safety gear. I didn’t have a fog horn or a life ring but after explaining to them that if I fell in there would be no one left on the boat to throw the ring to me they decided not to write me up.

    After checking my paperwork and passport they asked if parents knew I was sailing around the world alone and which was pretty funny. They were from Ventura but must not read the newspaper or they have been out of town for awhile. They got back in their boat and left me with a fix-it ticket to get a fog horn. Must be getting closer!

    I pulled up the sails and was off again. The wind and current built in the afternoon and into the night. I ended up staying up all night tacking back and forth in 25 knots. As the sun rose the wind died and I tacked one last time and crashed for a couple of hours. The conditions have improved some now and I am able to make better head way. I am thinking of heading into Turtle Bay for a day or two depending on the weather.


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