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  1. I think there is a more extensive and more reliable use of Cell Phone technology that can be used and is being overlooked. Text/eMail

    On a recent Independance Day transit from the Magothy to Washington DC (about 3 days and 158 NM I was able to maintain a “radio guard” with my fiance by scheduling regular Text Messages back and forth including updates, position reports and conditions. This didn’t even require constant Cell Tower access as the text messages simply waited in cue until a signal could go through (which only takes a second or two of low power reception). If, on a long cruise in coastal or inland waters, people could plan on a regular “radio text message guard” it could be even safer and more useful than a float plan (or flight plan to you fellow aviators) alone.

    Victor Nazarian

  2. The CG recognizes the value of texting/IM capabilities as a means of notification in the maritime environment. When notified of a distress via a 3rd party reporting source (in this case your fiance would hopefully have called the authorities if you ran into trouble) that someone on the water failed to check-in or texted that they were in need of assistance the CG would begin investigating per our standard response policies. While this emerging technology has been widely embraced by all as a means of instant communication, the CG strongly encourages recreational boaters to have a VHF radio when operating on the water to ensure that calls for assistance are heard by as many boaters and emergency responders as possible.

    CDR Erin D. MacDonald
    Chief, Policy Division
    Office of Search and Rescue
    CG Headquarters, Washington DC


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