itCG-four rescued, barge stuck in the mud, Louisville Urban League

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  • After calling the Coast Guard for help on their marine radio, four people were rescued by Good Samaritans from their sinking boat about 30 miles south of Long Island, New York. The Good Samaritans overheard the radio call and diverted to respond to the situation. All four passengers were wearing life jackets and were not injured.
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  • A barge hauling one million gallons of gas got stuck hard aground in the mud in the Columbia River of the Pacific Northwest. Thankfully, the hull was not breached and no fuel leaked into the river. After federal dam managers opened gates to flood the river, the barge remained grounded. Officials are now working to empty the fuel from the barge to make it lighter.
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  • Coast Guard Sector Ohio Valley units and the Louisville Urban League (LUL) teamed up to introduce students to the Coast Guard as part of the Urban League’s Summer Reach program. LUL’s mission is to “assist African Americans, other minority groups and the disadvantaged attain social and economic equality and stability through direct services and advocacy.”
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