itCG-CGC Vigorous drug bust, practice makes perfect, grounded whale-watching boat, diver found

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  • After finding and seizing 3,300 pounds of cocaine during a boarding of a Honduran flagged vessel in mid-June, the Coast Guard Cutter Vigorous returned to the States and transferred the drugs and alleged crewmembers to the FBI on Monday.
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  • “This is a drill, this is a drill!” Didn’t Mom always say that practice makes perfect? Well, everyday across the nation the Coast Guard conducts exercises and drills to test its preparation for real world situations. Yesterday, in Port Angeles, Washington, Guardians held a tsunami drill. The lessons learned during these exercises help to improve plans and build personnel experience.
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  • Looks like Guardians in Port Angeles had a busy day yesterday conducting drills and rescues. Eighty passengers were evacuated from a whale-watching boat near Lopez Island and taken to shore after the boat grounded and started taking on water. The vessel was able to to keep up with the flooding using its dewatering pumps and eventually floated free with the incoming tide.
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  • Coast Guard Station Manasquan, New Jersey, responded to a distress call (see video) from Good Samaritans who recovered an unconscious diver from the water. The woman was later pronounced dead by medical authorities despite the Good Samaritan’s efforts to revive her. The accident is under investigation.
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  1. My father was a Coast Guard rescue swimmer.
    He jumped out of helicopters in to the sea
    and when he’d go to work each day
    he’d say ” I love you and wish me luck”.
    Then Dad would not come home again
    ’til some time the next day.
    But the thing that bothered me the most
    was the thing’s some people would say,
    “A summers life is easy,
    he eats and sleeps and plays,
    and sometimes he won’t rescue a person
    for days and days and day’s”.
    When I first heard this
    I was much to young to understand
    but I knew when people had trouble
    Dad was there to lend a hand.
    Then my father went to work one day
    and he kissed us all goodbye
    but little did we realize
    that night he would die and we would all cry.
    My father lost his life that night
    when the ship he was on to rescue capsized that night and took my father to the bottom of the sea.
    and I’d wondered why he’d risked his life
    for people he didn’t know.
    But now I truly realize
    the greatest gift a man can give
    is to lay his life upon the line
    so that someone else may live.
    So as we live our lifes day to day
    and we pray to God above
    say a prayer for your Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer
    because he may save you or the one’s you love.


    Marc M Mason

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