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The Coast Guard organizational structure can be a bit confusing. Now, with all the social media sites, it can be even more challenging to know where to go for official information.  This post will break down the internal structure and provide links to the various official social media sites.

The general “pecking order” is from Headquarters to Area to District to Sector to operational commands. Cutters 175-feet or longer report to the appropriate Area command, cutters over 65-feet but under 175-feet report to the appropriate District, and cutters 65-feet and under report to the appropriate Sector. This is definitely not a perfect rule, but it works in most situations. To keep things simple, we will break it down to the District level.

If the site it not listed here, it is either not an official site or I don’t know about it. I am not including Auxiliary units at this point to keep the content manageable and avoid further confusion. For a great resource listing all social media sites within the Department of Homeland Security and its component agencies, click here.

Feel free to comment and ask questions if you think I missed something.

Service (Headquarters level)

Atlantic Area (Portsmouth, Virginia)

Pacific Area (Alameda, California)

District 1 – Coast Guard District One

District 5 – Coast Guard District Five

District 7 – Coast Guard District Seven

District 8 – Coast Guard District Eight

District 9 – Coast Guard District Nine

District 11 – Coast Guard District Eleven

District 13 – Coast Guard District Thirteen

District 14 – Coast Guard District Fourteen

District 17 – Coast Guard District Seventeen

General Maritime Information

Just in case you were wondering why these Districts are unevenly numbered, we used to have a District 2, 3, 4, 6, and so on. Over the years, as we continually improve operations and modernize to better serve the public, we have consolidated Districts.

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