itCG-artificial reef cleanup, false distress calls, boat evacuation, man rescued

  • A massive project to remove 700,000 tires scattered on the ocean floor off Ft. Lauderdale is underway. Army, Navy and Coast Guard divers are working together to clean up what was supposed to be an artificial reef. 73,000 have been removed so far.
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  • A reminder… making a false distress call to the Coast Guard is a federal crime. Violators are subject to a fine of up to $250,000 and six years in a federal prison. The new Rescue 21 communications system being installed around the country helps the Coast Guard better correlate call locations, including fake calls.
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  • Coast Guard Station Boothbay Harbor medically evacuated a man in diabetic distress from Monhegan Island, Maine. The Station was called upon because Lifeflight was not able to land on the island due to weather and limited visibility.
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  • A man who was reported overdue from a fishing trip was found safe but stranded out at sea on his disabled boat. Thankfully, he told his girlfriend his plans and when he didn’t return she called for help. Because he was not carrying a radio, he was left at sea hoping for help to find him.
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  1. Is there any possibility to join the US Coast Guard considering the following:
    – i am neither a US citizen nore a US resident;
    – i graduated the Naval Academy in Constanţa, Romania, in the branch of Romanian Border Police?

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