Were You “Born Ready”?

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Post Written by Petty Officer Second Class Amir Lawal

As the Coast Guard continues to expand its role in maritime and military activities so does the need to recruit more highly qualified individuals to join the service. This is where the new “Born Ready” campaign comes into play. Before you think of this as the typical public relations campaign let me tell you it’s not. This is a campaign that is targeted with a specific goal – to recruit hard working and dedicated people.

“Born Ready” will incorporate commercials, advertisement and a new website amongst other things to add to the Coast Guard national visibility and recruitment. The Coast Guard is sponsoring the Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS) All-Star game this weekend in Fenton, Missouri. The soccer game will be televised on Fox Sports and will have some of the “Born Ready” logos and images on the field.

A new Coast Guard recruiting website will be available early to mid September at gocoastguard.com. Be sure to tune in see the new look.

Also, with the new campaign comes a new, motivating advertisement that will send a chill up the spine of any current or aspiring Guardian. Go ahead and check it out here and here to see if it sends chills up your spine!

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  1. When I first saw this ad, I though it was a Marine recuiting commercial.

    My wife was of the same mind, and she had never seen a Coast Guard commercial before.

    We were both happy to see such a high quality ad for a service that usually gets the Navy’s leave behinds and out-growns.

    I do feel, however, that these two commercials could have been put together into one. The man and woman both leaving their offices and running out, meeting up somewhere in the middle and ending their jog in un-tucks on the south Jersey shore getting yelled at by “Gardians” in wide-brimmed mounty hats. Maybe with 60 other sweaty, coughing recruits, who wish that they had just five more minutes of time that morning to shave, brush teeth, or anything else that they were rushed through.

    No, no, don’t get me wrong, the commercials were great, spine tingling, really, but I think that boot camp gets glossed over in these ads.

    Oh yeah! where are their covers?

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