Ensign Cook Reports – Air Station Elizabeth City

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Ensign Cook is out and about again. This time, she is deployed to Air Station Elizabeth City. She will be posting all week as she learns about the AirSta’s missions and people. Here is her first post…



Hello everyone,

MH-60T helicopter
This is the MH-60T helicopter I flew in. I accompanied the crew on a flight to Virginia.

Last month I was on board the CG Cutter FORWARD to get a feel for what its like to be stationed on a boat and be underway. This time I’m visiting CG Air Station Elizabeth City in North Carolina.

For anyone who has never been to E-City, it’s a small town with a country atmosphere. It’s very quaint.

What I’ve experienced so far is flying in a HC-130 plane and I spent an entire day in a MH-60T helicopter. Having never been in anything other than an airliner, I was curious to see if how each aircraft rides. Being in a HC-130 was comparable to being on an airliner. The flight was smooth and it seemed as though the plane flew itself. What was interesting about this flight was listening to the communication between aircraft and (what I assume to be) towers. Granted, I didn’t understand everything that was being communicated but it was neat. However, my experience in the helicopter was truly unique.

Aerial View of Virginia
An aerial view from the helicopter. Absolutely unreal.

While in flight, I was able to get an aerial view of Virginia, which was absolutely breath taking. I don’t think there’s anything quite like seeing mountains, water, and fields from the air. To my surprise the ride was nice and easy…so much so that one could easily fall asleep.

Aerial View of Virginia
Another beautiful view of Virginia

Within the last two days I’ve had the privilege of hearing the stories of personnel who have been in the Coast Guard for more than twenty years. Just in case you aren’t aware, the retirement mark is around twenty years. When I meet people who have served twenty plus years in the Coast Guard, I can’t help but think of what a great organization the Coast Guard is and how lucky I am to be apart of it.

Everyone at the Air Station Elizabeth City has been so great to me and I look forward to meeting more people throughout the duration of my visit.

I’ll see what’s in store for tomorrow, but until then, take care.

-ENS Lindsay Cook

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