Ensign Cook Reports – Air Station Elizabeth City Part II

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Post Written by Ensign Lindsay Cook

Hello Everyone,

The last few days I’ve been getting acquainted with the air station but I decided to focus on getting to know some of the personnel that make the air station run.

One of the first people that I met at the air station was Yeoman, 1st class, Sarah Hess (YN1 Hess). As a Yeoman, YN1 Hess is responsible for providing customer service to the personnel stationed at the air station. Yeoman handle a variety of tasks such as processing orders (this is paperwork stating an individual is transferring to another unit), pay issues, making sure personnel records are up-to-date, and even providing tours of the air station.

YN1 Sarah Hess at Air Station Elizabeth City
YN1 Sarah Hess at Air Station Elizabeth City

The role that a Yeoman plays at any unit is an important one. Without Yeoman the CG would be at a server loss. Yeoman can be stationed at a variety of units to include, air stations, ships, Integrated Support Commands (ISC), and other land units.

I got to talk with YN1 Hess for a little while and I thought she had a really interesting background and I’d like to share it with you.

Name: YN1 Sarah Hess
Hometown: Elizabeth City, NC
Number of Years in the CG: 12 years
Prior stations: Loran Station Attu, Kodiak, Petaluma, Cape May, CG Cutter Dallas, and Air Station Elizabeth City

I asked YN1 Hess why she joined the CG and she said that when she was 18 she moved to Las Angeles, CA to be a nanny for her uncle and worked different jobs but didn’t really see any of her jobs turning into a career. With parents in the military, her mom was in the Navy and her father was in the Marine Corps, they suggested she join the CG. After speaking with recruiters about joining the CG, it took her about a year to get to boot camp. After completion of boot camp YN1 was stationed at Loran Station Attu in Kodiak, Alaska as a Fireman. Because the island was so small and the number of personnel at the unit was about twenty, YN1 was able to experience a variety of responsibilities of different rates (career specialties) and decided to train to be a Yeoman. A year after the birth of her daughter YN1 received orders to Yeoman “A” school in Petaluma, CA. FYI, an “A” school is specialty school where personnel learn how to do their job.

YN1 Hess aspires to make Chief and eventually become a Warrant Officer. Wish her good luck as she gets ready to take the Chief service wide exam sometime next year!

I asked YN1 Hess what her favorite duty station was and she responded the CG Cutter Dallas. The CG Cutter Dallas is a 378 ft ship out of Charleston, SC. She said that the camaraderie that comes with being on a boat is unmatched by any other unit.

She hopes that her next unit will take her to Petaluma, CA as an “A” school instructor or that she can stay at Air Station Elizabeth City.

Thank you to YN1 Hess who generously shared her CG story and I hope you enjoyed reading about a fellow guardian!

Until tomorrow,

-ENS Lindsay Cook

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