Coast Guard Photo Contest Winners

MK3 Adam Acosta
First place: MK3 Adam Acosta

Post Written by Lynne Donahue

The winners of a Coast Guard photo contest were announced today. The winners and their photos are …

BM1 Mike Sanborn
Second place: BM1 Mike Sanborn
IT1 Gabriel Pierce
Third place: IT1 Gabriel Pierce
PA3 William Mitchell
Public Affairs Specialist/Officer Award: PA3 William Mitchell

Honorable Mention (click on the name to see the image):

The contest not only inspired members to capture the Coast Guard in action but also generated fresh, exciting photos for Coast Guard publications. Seventeen people had their photos published in publications such as the Coast Guard 2009 Posture Statement. The response to the contest, which ran last year, was overwhelming, with about 1,200 photos received. The unexpected response, cumbersome judging process, and other workload priorities caused the lengthy delay in announcing the winners. We have learned several lessons that should significantly improve our timeliness for future contests. The next photo contest will be announced within a few weeks.

Let us know if one of these images is yours. We’d love to hear about taking the picture and what you think helped to create the amazing photograph.

7 comments on “Coast Guard Photo Contest Winners”

  1. I would Love to be a Coast Guard photographer. Look at those amazing sights, wow.
    That’s actually incredible I would be lucky to see such amazing things =]
    Great pictures, people!

  2. Our nephew, Adam took your first place picture and I’m happy to say we received a copy to hang in our home. What a wonderful land we live in and how blessed we are to have individuals volunteer to protect us and the land. Kudos to you, Adam, the Coast Guard and the rest of the military famliy out there.

  3. wow these are some awsome pictures i only i wish i had known about this little contest and i would have submitted some myself from out here in the north east. if possible could i be informed of another competition?

  4. Hi Jon. I’m sorry you missed the announcement last year. We announced the contest via ALCOAST. You’re in luck. We’re doing another contest soon. Watch for an ALCOAST in the next 2-3 weeks. ALCOASTs are posted on the web at You can also sign up for an RSS feed of ALCOASTs — see the top right corner of the page. I’m looking forward to seeing your entries in the next contest — start selecting your photos now (up to 5). ~Lynne Donahue, Coast Guard HQ Public Affairs

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