Fallen Guardians honored at sea


On Wednesday, the Coast Guard held a traditional wreath laying ceremony for
Guardians lost at sea in honor of the crew of Rescue 1705.
(Coast Guard photos and video)

Wreath Laying Ceremony

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  1. thank you for sending this video for my family and i to view. it was a beautiful and heartbreaking ceramony. theese men inspire us all to be better for the ones around us. they will forever be loved and remebered as heros for thier sacrifices. they will be missed.

  2. Great Job

    Thanks to all who serve in the Coast Guard and their families for their sacrafices.

    Semper Fi

    Guy Watkins

  3. I have a connection with LT Bryant. Last February he was kind enough to invite our car club onto the base at McClellan to give us a tour of the facility.

    He couldn’t have been nicer, and I realized that getting tours on military bases these days isn’t too common post 9/11.

    I had some prints made of Adam by his plane and in picking up the prints (to send to the CO at the base) learned that the woman handling the photos knew Monica – said that she had recently gotten married.

    One wonders why God allows some of the best to be taken but the question certainly isn’t new.

    May God comfort their families and their comrades-in-arms.

  4. It has been a tragic week for our Military. God speed to those brave men and women who were lost not just in this horrible crash, but also those at Ft. Hood, TX. These brave souls do what most of us take for granted and think nothing of going into harms way. God speed to all and may God bless their families and give them peace of heart. My prayers are with all.
    USCG and US Army, mom

  5. It has been a terrible week for Guardians, Marines, Army members and Police Officers. May God watch over these brave and dedicated men and women who have given their lives in the service to others and to their country. Let us never forget.

  6. what a moving tribute to our fallen men and woman. watching the ceremony brought tears to my eyes. this honors those brave heroes and has to make their families even more proud, if that’s possible. to the marines..semper fi, and to my fellow coasties…SEMPER PARATUS.

  7. My husband and I just moved from sacramento and he was stationed with all of them. It was great that we could see all the things going on there. We are praying for all the families effected by this event.

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