USCG Live Streaming Commandant’s Remarks from Innovation Expo


In the spirit of the Coast Guard Innovation Expo, we are taking advantage of the unique opportunities available here to test cutting edge technology… we are going to live stream the video of the awards ceremony and the Commandant’s closing remarks at the expo.

The webcast will go live at 10:30 a.m. EST tomorrow, November 19th, and will be viewable on the Coast Guard Intranet as well as the Internet. We are testing several ways to watch the video including on the iPhone!  FYI, until the sites go live tomorrow, they may be inactive or will have other streaming content.

Here are your options:

This is a test to determine the Coast Guard’s ability to deliver a webcast within our network. Let us know what you think about the quality, access and ease of use by leaving a comments or emailing us using the “Submit” button above.

8 comments on “USCG Live Streaming Commandant’s Remarks from Innovation Expo”

  1. I’m viewing the iphone website through my iphone 3G. The video on the site does not play on my iphone. I’m n ot sure if this is intentional or not.

    The iphone uses H.264 video format only. It will not play flash or any other format unless it is H.264.

  2. 1) iphone is useless because it’s blocked.

    2) The other two are slow, but the video quality was a little better on

    3) is a little slow in loading up, and had video quality problems at first, but eventually smoothed-out to an acceptable quality.

  3. The quality of the webcast, viewed from my desk at CGHQ, was very good. There were a few quality issues at the beginning (flickering images, dropouts and disconnects) but most of the broadcast had excellent sound and pictures. As a “test” I think the webcast was successful.

  4. Watched using both the and AUX sites (AUX site on Work Station and on stand-alone MAC.) Sound quality was acceptable from both sites – although was better than the AUX. Video quality from both (even when projecting the site onto a 42″ flat screen) was grainy. But, we could see what was going on and appreciated the ability to have live connectivity for this event.

  5. My father ,Sr. Chief Machinist mate, Donald M. Gundersen recently passed away. He served in the USCG from 1950 thru 1974. He served several tours on the Northwind. I have a water color of the Northwind in Artic Ice that was painted for him by USCG W.E. Knight. I would like to contact him about the picture and eiter return it to him or donate it to the USCG Museum. Sincerely, Roberta M. McCrary

  6. Roberta, thank-you for your comment. I will gladly notify the Director of the Coast Guard Art Program and ask her get in touch with you about the water color painting.

    Have a safe and healthy holiday and New Year.

    Warm Regards,
    Lieutenant Connie Braesch
    Coast Guard Public Affairs

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