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Coast Guard Seaman 2nd Class Seymour Wittek, a World War II veteran, receives the Coast Guard Commendation Medal from Vice Admiral Robert Papp on November  11, 2008.  Wittek passed away on December 30, 2009. (Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer Seth Johnson)
Coast Guard Seaman 2nd Class Seymour Wittek, a World War II veteran, receives the Coast Guard Commendation Medal from Vice Admiral Robert Papp on November 11, 2008. Wittek passed away on December 30, 2009. (Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer Seth Johnson)
  • The Coast Guard family lost one of its heroes yesterday. 88-year-old Seymour Wittek was a World War II veteran and one of the men responsible for putting out a fire aboard a ship laden with explosives that threatened people and property in New York City in 1943. Wittek was awarded the Coast Guard Commendation Medal just last year for his bravery during the fire. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Seaman Second Class Seymour Wittek.
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  • In the wake of multiple maritime tragedies in the Phillipines this past week, the U.S. Embassy in Manila has announced that it has approached the U.S. Coast Guard about deploying Guardians to the region to help train the maritime industry there and develop long-term solutions to maritime safety issues. Guardians have a long history of assisting the navies and coast guard’s of our allies.
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  • As we close out the year, it is a time for reflection on the sacrifices made not only by Guardians but also by their families to protect and save Americans both here and overseas. Operation Hug-A-Hero provides dolls bearing a parent’s image that serve as an “emotional safety blanket” for the children of military, law enforcement and first-responders. Click here to learn more about the program or to donate a doll.
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  1. Daddy dolls are ok but there’s this other product on the market called HUGGEE MISS YOU. They are cute 12 inch plush dolls in the shape of an actual “human” not a solid shape. The company who makes them Hugs to Go also works with the charity OPERATION GIVE A HUG giving FREE dolls to deployed soldiers and there families. HUGGEE MISS YOU are actually the original version of this idea put on the market in 1999!

  2. Proud Military Spouses:

    I serve on the Board of OPERATION Hug-A-Hero ( that was established by the founders of Daddy Dolls, Inc., the creator of the trademarked “Daddy Doll.” Through OPERATION Hug-A-Hero we offer the Hug-A-Hero doll at no cost. We are able to do so through the generous support of individual donors, corporations like The Gap and PepsiCo, military spouses clubs from around the world, and military families that want to give to other military families that walk in their same shoes. We want you to know that we would love to put a Hug-A-Hero doll in the arms of your child or someone else’s child that you know is struggling with separation or deployment. A quick visit to our website is all that it takes or you can contact us at!

    What makes the Hug-A-Hero doll unique is that it is made by the loving hands of military spouses, friends and family members here in the USA. This really brings what we do, and why we do it, full circle! In addition to our passionate and skilled workforce, we utilize high quality materials to create soft dolls with a head-to-toe image of your family’s hero that is huggable, durable and machine washable. It is this quality,and our attention to detail, that has been noted time and again by the families that receive our dolls. It is also special for a child to show off his mommy or daddy, proudly in uniform, on our dolls. I can tell you from personal experience that it is very moving to see a child with a doll like that and not something that looks more like a toy. In fact, that is how I came to know about OPERATION Hug-A-Hero. I met a child on an airplane who had a Hug-A-Hero doll. He told me all about his daddy who was serving in Iraq. He was so proud of his daddy and told me all about what his daddy does in the Army and how he takes care of his mommy while his daddy is gone. It was all I could do to keep myself together and I knew I had to get involved!

    While the intentions of all of the organizations that provide coping gifts to our children are as genuine and pure as ours, many of these other items are not produced with as much dedication or attention to detail as the Hug-A-Hero doll. We could make a similar product at a much lower cost if we had the dolls manufactured in another country, but our dolls are for Americans and we want them to be made by Americans – Americans who care as much as we do about the purpose of the doll and the quality of the doll that cuddle your children. That is also why the Hug-A-Hero doll does not have any frills or decoration. Our focus is on the mommy or daddy, just as your child would see him or her walk through the door after a hard day’s work.

    Interestingly we get asked about the HUGGEE MISS YOU doll often, and are sometimes confused with the Operation Give a Hug organization as well.

    While our dolls are different in their look, the materials that are used, where and how they are made, there is no doubt that our goals are the same. We both exist to provide an item of comfort and remembrance to honor the children of those who serve. We both rely upon the generosity of others so that we can give away our dolls to those who cannot otherwise afford them. And we do it in the hopes that there will be fewer tears shed each night because your child is clinging to one of our dolls.

    We would love to hear from you or your Family Readiness Coordinator as to how we can help your family or someone else if you would like a Hug-A-Hero doll.

    Thanks for all that you do!

    Stephanie Crabb
    Director of Development
    OPERATION Hug-A-Hero

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