Coast Guard Florida coming to a living room near you!

Response Boat Medium
Coast Guard personnel throughout Florida rely on the response boat medium for its search and rescue, drug interdiction and homeland defense capabilities. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Christopher Evanson.

Following on the success of “Coast Guard Alaska,” The Weather Channel and Al Roker Entertainment announced a new docu-series to be called “Coast Guard Florida” earlier today. Scheduled to premiere in October 2012, the show will follow the men and women of the 7th Coast Guard District as they conduct operations aimed at protecting Americans on the sea, protecting America from threats delivered by sea and protecting the sea itself.

CGC Dallas drug bust
Keeping illegal drugs from reaching America's shores is just one of the ways the men and women of the 7th Coast Guard district protect the nation. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Patrick Kelley.

“The response to ‘Coast Guard Alaska’ demonstrated the public’s interest in seeing good people do good work on behalf of the nation in a magnificent part of the country,” said Capt. Ron LaBrec, chief of Coast Guard public affairs. “Operating out of Florida presents a different set of challenges for our service and ‘Coast Guard Florida’ will provide the American people with another insider look into what it wants from its public agencies – important work, done competently and efficiently by dedicated and inspiring public servants.”

Showcasing Coast Guard men and women operating out of Florida means introducing a whole new set of Coast Guard missions including ports, waterways and coastal security, drug interdiction and border security in addition to the heavy dose of search and rescue and environmental protection missions the “Coast Guard Alaska” audience has already come to associate with the nation’s oldest continuing seagoing service.

Bernard C. Webber
The Bernard C. Webber, the Coast Guard's first Sentinel Class fast response cutter will be home-ported in Miami. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Jennifer Johnson.

Scheduled for thirteen episodes of 60-minutes each, “Coast Guard Florida” will premiere one year after the launch of “Coast Guard Alaska.”

The Weather Channel has already announced plans to air a second and third season of the show that introduced millions to Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak and will continue showcase personnel hard at work at Coast Guard sectors, stations, patrol boats and cutters standing the watch over Alaska’s 44,000 miles of coastline on a daily basis.

“Coast Guard Florida” will have a very different look and feel as it highlights operations and missions from three different stations in southern Florida.

“‘Coast Guard Alaska’ is one of the projects I’m most proud of as a producer,” said Al Roker, president and CEO of Al Roker Entertainment. “The United States Coast Guard is an awe-inspiring group of men and women and we feel privileged to give viewers an inside look at the courageous acts they embark on every day in serving our country. ‘Coast Guard Florida’ will allow us to continue to tell their stories.”

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  1. This is great.  Everytime I mention that I retired from the Coast Guard the response is “Where you in Alaska?”.  Those Alaska Coasties are awesome but they are still part of a larger team.  The Coast Guard is all over the world.

  2. Great job al! Don’t forget to also hi light the us coast guard aux…. There as a force multiplier and support of the uscg! Always ready!

      1. Really? Where I am, we are the only CG unit nearby and we are able to help with local county for things that the regular CG cannot do and the county govt cannot do sometimes. Our Flotilla is actually helping maintain ATONS. Doesn’t cost taxpayers money for us to volunteer so I don’t appreciate your comment.

      2. Also not to mention the AUXCHEF program that gives your cooks a day off. Also Auxiliarists help with guard duty for places that frees up Active Duty for other things.

  3. being a member of the Coast Guard Auxilillary in North Florida, I am excited about this new project….will be fun to watch….

  4. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE a Ship FROM Florida to Alaska? I ‘m  impress to know how the Coast Guard been improve in term with  new ships allowing,men and women worked together, participated in rescue mission,fight drugs trafficking ,illegal aliens. Also in cooperation with   Coast Guard Auxiliary ,as volunteer they trained  to coordinate in many capacities, responded to May  day’s ,tower boat, mostly involved in HOMELAND SECURITY.That ‘s something wonderful ,inspired  tremendous efforts allow many good that the COAST GUARD HAS done.

  5. So,I’m very much please to be a part of the COAST GUARD AUXILIARY FLOTILLA 72.There is no enough word to express myself how I do appreciated the United States
    COAST GUARD,worldwide second to none.,And wish all the men/women the best.

  6. I have a son who’s been stationed in FL for 3 years now….even if they don’t feature his cutter it will be great to see others in action and get a real sense of what he’s doing. So proud of him….miss him alot. Great excuse to get out of the cold and spend the holidays in Florida!

  7. I am SO Proud of the Men and Women of the USCG! (My son… especially!!!)
    🙂  Can hardly wait to see the new show!!!

  8. I’m very proud of the men and women of the US Coast Guard. Excited to see the new Coast Guard Florida. My family and I were stationed in the USCG on the First Coast in Jacksonville, FL for over 20 years!

  9. Kudos and gratitude to the producers and to TWC for increasing the public’s awareness of the many, varied and important missions of the USCG. The USCG regular, reserve and auxiliary forces should all be very proud of their respective roles in their service to this fine organization. I look forward to watching future episodes and learning more about those who serve in the aforementioned capacities.

    Semper Paratus!

  10. I was a Coxswain at Station Marathon from 80-83. I am really digging this new series! We were a little less polished then this new breed of Coastie (shirts were optional back then!), but we performed like a well oiled machine. I have to say that I liked my old 41 footer over these new 45’s that they use now but that just my old school talking. I’m sure that the guys who drove the 40’s said the same thing about the 41’s. Anyway, it’s great to see the station in the spotlight. I know that my 3 years in Marathon was heaven and I still think about it almost daily (considering that I’m still married to the girl I met while there helps the memories!)

  11. So proud of our grandson, Jeremy on CG Florida. He was in the first two episodes & from 2 grandmas in Texas, we are proud of these men & women. I also have a grandson in Charleston, SC & his beautiful wife that are both Coastes. I believe she is on the Gallatin. So TEXAS proud.

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