The best Coast Guard cadence?

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Coast Guard recruits at Training Center Cape May spend a lot of time marching to and from various training evolutions and classes. In the later weeks of their training, company commanders begin to call cadences with them. This is a turning point for the recruits, and it’s an opportunity for the company commanders to teach the recruits about Coast Guard history, missions or culture.

“Whether it’s Coast Guard search and rescue or core values, these cadences tell the story of the Coast Guard in a manner that both educate and motivate recruits through their final weeks of training,” said Capt. Bill Kelly, the commanding officer of the training center. “We are constantly striving to educate our recruits about the rich legacy that they have inherited.”

To help showcase this rich history, Cape May captured a week of cadences and they are looking to you for help in deciding the best Coast Guard cadence! You can find them all on YouTube, or watch them all below. To vote for your favorite though, you’ll have to head over to Training Center Cape May’s new Facebook page and click “like.”

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