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Coast Guard renames Food Service Specialist rating to Culinary Specialist

Blog post by CSCM Justin Reed, Culinary Specialist Rating Force Master Chief

CSCM Justin Reed, Culinary Specialist Rating Force Master Chief
CSCM Justin Reed, Culinary Specialist Rating Force Master Chief

The Coast Guard last examined the identity of its culinary rating nearly two decades ago, when it changed from subsistence specialist to food service specialist. Now, as the Coast Guard modernizes its fleet of cutters, aircraft and boats, it is also updating the identity of those who feed the force.

Food service specialists are now known as culinary specialists. This change aims to better align the brand of the rating with its mission statement: “We demonstrate culinary arts excellence through professional development, talent, personal creativity and resourcefulness.”

Coast Guard Culinary SpecialistThe Coast Guard has effected this change to better prepare Coast Guard culinary specialists for careers beyond their service to nation. The rating has evolved to fit the needs of the service while emulating the hands-on approach of the culinary arts industry. Changing the name is only a small step in the efforts of revitalizing the FS rate, but it is a crucial move that contributes to a more professional image while better portraying the rating.

Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard Steven W. Cantrell has praised the effort to transform the rating, saying it’s a step in the right direction for setting up the men and women of the workforce for success.

IMG_1110“We have a responsibility to our people to ensure they’re being fully recognized for the hard work they do every day and night,” said Cantrell. “Our culinary specialists put in a lot of hours to make sure the rest of our people are prepared for their missions. This name change is the right thing to do because it recognizes what these talented culinarians do for our service.”

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