Surge Staffing for Parental Leave pilot program

Under this pilot program, new parents and expectant mothers are able to request support from the reserve workforce during their absence on parental leave.


Written by Brianne Alvis

We’re finding new ways to make it easier for our members to serve.

One of latest ways to support our members is with the new Surge Staffing for Parental Leave pilot program. We know the excitement of a new baby can be stressful, which is why we want you to focus on your family!  

This pilot program kicked off in April, and we’ve had almost two dozen members sign up. Under this program (and at no cost to the unit), new parents AND expectant mothers are able to remove some of the stress that comes with leaving a unit temporarily to concentrate on their family at a crucial time. The program leverages the experience of our ready Coast Guard Reserve workforce, bringing on reservists to allow a new mom or new dad some bonding time with their baby.

Don’t worry shipmates, we have the watch.

5 comments on “Surge Staffing for Parental Leave pilot program”

  1. What a great idea! I wish CG had this, when I had my last child — I would have stayed in, instead of transferring into the IRR.

  2. CG setting an example for all US agencies. Perhaps this option can be utilized by other agencies that can work this into their leave program.

  3. Way to go Coast Guard, you are an example to follow for all other military branches. If a similar program had been in place when i was active duty, I would have definitely stayed in. It was a tough decision to make but one I do not regret because after all our children are the future. It’s about time that the military start to value family, it would be a win-win situation when this happens.

  4. An echo of the previous comment. Would love to see the Federal Government provide a form of paid parental leave for its employees. While the Family Medical Leave Act is great for families that can afford to take advantage of it, unpaid leave is not an option for all our hard working members and their families. Thank you for the great example of leadership Coast Guard.

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