Author: LT Katie Braynard

The wrench revolution: R-MATs poised to change how reserve engineering ratings train

Following a successful pilot program, new Reserve Maintenance Assist Teams (R-MAT) will soon work as part of active duty Coast Guard Naval Engineering Departments (NED). Reserve machinery technicians, damage controlmen, and electrician’s mates will be assigned to these teams to better develop their skills, their careers and the Reserve’s ability to respond to daily challenges and historic moments.

Ride safe: Motorcycle training, reimbursement

Motorcycle safety training policy was not implemented to make riding in the military difficult. You may not be aware, but the number one cause of fatalities for Coast Guard personnel is motor vehicle and motorcycle mishaps. Motorcycle safety training has evolved over the years. In the early stages, training focused on introductory level information and skills. Over the past eight years, training has turned to focus on the decision making process while riding. Skill based training is great and needed; however, making poor decisions while riding is what is killing riders.