Author: PACS Kyle Niemi

A week at the pitch with Coast Guard Rugby

By sheer number of personnel, the Coast Guard is diminutive compared to the other U.S. Armed Forces; however, we maintain a reputation of never backing down and always being able to punch above our weight class. Nowhere was this more evident than when Coast Guard Rugby came together this summer for the Armed Forces Rugby Tournament.

Announcing: The 2016 Month of the Military Child Art and Essay Contest

This year, the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard is launching the 2016 Month of the Military Child Art and Essay Contest – to give Coast Guard kids a chance to tell us all, through their words or their art, what it’s like to be a military child

Dialogue with the MCPOCG: TRICARE and you

The nation asks a lot of the Coast Guard, and in turn, your Coast Guard asks a lot of you. And, there are things that an organization owes its members if it’s going to ask so much from them: a safe and secure environment to work in; the resources to get the job done; the freedom to pursue individual goals; and a suite of entitlements to include competitive pay and access to adequate healthcare. Based on the vast variety of each individual’s or each family’s medical needs, arranging healthcare can be a complicated endeavor.

Motorcycle Safety: Marking a significant milestone

Coast Guard personnel worked tirelessly to create or improve their motorcycle safety program in an effort to keep their motorcycle riders safe. And, it appears to have made a difference. We are proud to announce that we experienced zero motorcycle fatalities among active-duty members and reservists on orders in Fiscal Year 2015 – the first time since 2001.

Recovery Month / Suicide Prevention Month guest blog: LT Todd Taylor’s efforts to help those Coast Guardsmen who are “suffering silently”

Stigma is one of the meanest and most difficult aspects of addiction, because it explains why people like me hide the disease. My message to that fellow Coastie who is out there struggling, or to the member who wonders whether their shipmate has a problem, just take that first step.