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Avoiding tragedy 100 years after Princess Sophia sinking

Canadian Steamer Princess Sophia. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Canadian passenger steamer Princess Sophia. Princess Sophia had run aground in southeast Alaska and was unable to deploy its lifeboats, taking down with it at least 353 people. Today the Coast Guard conducts modern cruish ship exams placing emphasis on crew proficiency during emergencies to avoid another tragedy like the Princess Sophia.

UPDATE 2: Search continues for 3 after Coast Guard helicopter crash in Mobile Bay

Coast Guard MH-65C Dolphin helicopter

Coast Guard MH-65C Dolphin helicopter UPDATE: This post has been updated to include the names of the crew members of CG-6535. UPDATE 2: This post has been updated to include the recovery of two additional crew members of CG-6535 and the suspension of active search and rescue operations. The Coast Guard recovered two crewmembers, Thursday,

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itCG-Secretary visit, F-16 crash, President’s award, crab preparations

The Coast Guard earned kudos from DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano during a visit to the Vessel Traffic Center in New Orleans. Secretary Napolitano noted the Coast Guard’s diverse and often unpublicized port safety and security missions during a meeting with public and private sector stakeholders to discuss inter-agency coordination and port resurgence after Hurricane Katrina.

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itCG-helicopter crash, shark bite medevac, boat collision, oil fingerprinting

Coast Guard Station Rockland responded to a helicopter that crashed in Penobscot Bay, Maine, yesterday. The four passengers were from a luxury yacht anchored in the area and were not seriously injured. Coast Guard personnel towed the helicopter to shore (see photo) and are monitoring pollution from the 30 gallons of fuel onboard the aircraft.

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itCG-jet ski accident, rescued fishermen talk, unintentional swimmers rescued, hoax calls

A Coast Guard helicopter from Air Station Clearwater medically evacuated a woman whose jet ski collided with an anchored small boat. She was safely transported to the hospital but her current condition is unknown. Story here The four fishermen who were rescued from Lake Erie yesterday after a long night and day clinging to the

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