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Surprise call results in award, advancement

Petty Officer First Class Roderick Ansley had no clue what he was in for when the commanding officer of U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Elizabeth City Capt. Scott Craig requested his participation in a phone conference regarding a project he worked on with the command and Coast Guard Headquarters. He realized something was different about this meeting when they dialed in and he noticed the large smiles on the skipper, executive officer, engineering officer and command master chief. On the other end of the line, Vice Commandant Adm. Charles Michel congratulated him on his selection as the 2017 Douglas A. Munro Inspirational Leadership Award winner.

Boatswains among birds — the secret salts of Elizabeth City

Perhaps the best kept boat station secret in the Mid-Atlantic region lies nestled within the largest Coast Guard facility in the country, at Base Elizabeth City in Eastern North Carolina. Station Elizabeth City is easy to pass without realizing it’s there, located in an unassuming off-white building that looks like part of the neighboring air station complex.

Below Zero: International Ice Patrol today

After the sinking of RMS Titanic in 1912, the International Ice Patrol was stood up in 1915. Though the processes have evolved, the missions has stayed the same: monitor the iceberg danger in the North Atlantic Ocean and to provide relevant iceberg warning products to the maritime community. It has been through the vigilant watch of the iceberg patrol that they currently have a 104-year safety record keeping the maritime community safe from iceberg collision.

Week in the life of the Coast Guard 2014: Monday

For the past 224 years the Coast Guard has safeguarded our nation’s maritime interests, providing a 24/7 presence along America’s rivers, ports, coastline and on the high seas. But while the Coast Guard’s presence and impact is regional, national and international, our operations are often out of sight.

2013 Videos of the Year: Sailor Saved

Sailor Saved, video of the year competition. U.S. Coast Guard image.

We are at the half-way point for our videos, and today’s video takes in the middle of a rescue as Petty Officer 2nd Class Christopher Watson, an Air Station Elizabeth City rescue swimmer, battles the sea to rescue a sailor 70 miles east of Kitty Hawk, N.C. The 2013 Videos of the Year began Saturday,

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2013 Videos of the Year: Heavy Seas

Heavy Seas, video of the year competition. U.S. Coast Guard image.

Our third video finalist features an MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew from Coast Guard Air Station Elizabeth City, N.C., as they medevac a sailor from the 780-foot cargo ship Horizon Trader in heavy seas approximately 200 miles east of the Chesapeake Bay. The 2013 Videos of the Year began Saturday, with voting open through Jan. 4,

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1 day, 3 missions, 4 lives saved

It was a week after Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Bob Papp had given his State of the Coast Guard address. Capt. Joseph P. Kelly, commanding officer of Air Station Elizabeth City, had set aside an afternoon for all-hands training to watch the speech and reflect on themes from the address. In the two hours surrounding the scheduled training time, however, the SAR alarm had sounded. Not once, but three times. In a period of just a few short hours crews would launch out of Air Station Elizabeth City one after the other. By day’s end four lives would be saved.

Not a moment to spare


It was another early Friday morning for the crew of a Coast Guard HC-130 Hercules based out of Air Station Elizabeth City, N.C. Fifty-knot winds roared around the airframe while the crew scoured the dark cauldron of 20-foot seas below for a boat. Rain lashed the plane, reducing visibility to less than a mile. Radar was next to useless and no one had been able to contact the distressed vessel. The only thing guiding the crew was an unregistered, but active, emergency position-indicating radio beacon, broadcasting a signal approximately 680 miles east from the U.S. and 75 miles north of Bermuda.

Shipmate of the Week – MK2 Josh Pearson

MK2 Pearson

Petty Officer 2nd Class Josh Pearson is a machinery technician, one of the Coast Guard’s largest enlisted ratings. As a machinery technician, Pearson is a leader and manager, with a breadth of knowledge in all areas of machinery operation and maintenance. Pearson, alongside his engineering team, discovered the seas were so large, the bottom of the cutter was being exposed to air – either from excessive side-to-side rocking or when becoming airborne over the crest of a wave.