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Flying dinosaurs

Senior Chief Petty Officer Peter MacDougall passes the mantle of Enlisted Ancient Albatross of the Coast Guard to Master Chief Petty Officer Michael Ferreira. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Ross Ruddell

Senior Chief Petty Officer Peter MacDougall recalled the dark and stormy nights he went out into, knowing his wife could hear the helicopter take off from their house, imagining the anxiety it caused her. He spoke about the close calls. He spoke about survivors he rescued from the grip of the sea, and the men and women he served alongside who made each of his 40 years of service special.

Going green for the men & women in blue

Solar arrays installed at Coast Guard facilities across Puerto Rico will increase renewable energy production while significantly reducing energy intensity on the island. Additional efficiency improvements to housing units provided by this landmark project will bring much needed comfort to Coast Guard residents on the island. U.S. Coast Guard photo. Written by Andrea Snyder, Coast

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Shipmate of the Week – Crew of CG6038

The crew of CG6038, Petty Officer 2nd Class Craig Powers, Petty Officer 3rd Class Nick Giumette, Lt. Andy Schanno and Lt. Mike Snyder, pose for a photo during a refuel on their way home from the rescue. Photo courtesy of Lt. Andy Schanno. Soaking wet and hypothermic, Keith Hutchins stood on a rocky ledge with

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Shipmate of the Week – AMTC Troy Brevik

AMTC Brevik

Petty Officer 1st Class Troy Brevik, before his meritorious advancement to chief petty officer, examines an engine on an MH-60 Jayhawk rescue helicopter at Coast Guard Air Station Sitka, Alaska. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Walter Shinn. Situated on the western edge of Alaska’s Baranof Island is the seaside town of

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Sitka aircrew outflies competition at Canadian exercise

The MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew who won the marine rescue event. The Coast Guard team finished with a time of three minutes, 13 seconds with the second and third place teams finishing with a time of 8:13 and just over 12 minutes. Coast Guard photo courtesy of Air Station Sitka. A shared border and increasing

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People’s Choice – Coast Guard Photo Contest, Round 7

It’s week seven of eight for the People’s Choice award for this year’s Coast Guard Photo Contest. Next week, we will unveil the final set of pictures as well as announce how the contest will run and open up voting. Check back next Wednesday for details so you can cast your votes for your People’s

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itCG – Guardian rescued, VADM Crea honored, holiday gift guide

Members of Coast Guard Station Juneau endured the pain of pepper spray in part of the Coast Guard's Law Enforcement Policy which doesn't allow members to carry pepper spray if not first sprayed. The test is a stream of spray followed by 30 seconds of agony, all while another shipmate attacks you with a training

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