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Blinded by the light

Laser beam

Weather conditions, crew responsiveness, incoming hazards and myriad meters, gauges and measurements. These are just a few of the things a pilot has to be wary of when flying an aircraft. A new concern is affecting Coast Guard pilots from Cape Cod, to Hawaii, from Puerto Rico to Seattle. Every air station in the Coast Guard is on the lookout for a simple beam of light.

2012 Videos of the Year: Advanced Helicopter Rescue School

AHRS featured image

We are at the half-way point for our videos, and today’s video take us to a one of kind training school, the Coast Guard’s Advanced Helicopter Rescue School in Astoria, Ore. The school places rescue aircrews in some of the most extreme weather conditions found in the United States. “We are one of the few schools

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A history of heroes

Rescue swimmer

The history of a military unit helps mold and shape its identity, sometimes just as much as the crews who carry out its missions. When a unit reaches 50 years in operation it usually serves as a proud marking point and an excellent time to look back on what events shaped that identity. For Air Station Los Angeles, that day came on Nov. 16, 2012, during an ceremony attended by current and past aircrews.

itCG-CGC Healy returns to port, airborne use of force, Ancient Albatross

Yesterday, CGC Healy returned to homeport in Seattle after a two-month deployment to the Arctic region. The cutter spent the summer on a scientific mission studying the ocean floor with the Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker Louis S. St-Laurent. Click here to check out some great multimedia and read more about the CGC Healy’s adventures. Story

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