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Honor, Respect, Devotion to Duty: Robert Selby

Each year a panel of judges selects a recipient for the George Gray Award for Artistic Excellence from a collection of artwork submitted to the U.S. Coast Guard Art Program. No stranger to the program or this award, Robert Selby won the award for his artwork depicting a deployment aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Tezanos in the Caribbean last year.

Artist’s sketchbook: Departure

break down sketch

From July 29 to Aug. 15, 2013, Coast Guard Cutter Healy, the Coast Guard’s largest ice breaker and research vessel deployed to the Arctic Ocean under Capt. John Reeves with 44 scientists aboard. Under the aegis of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Healy scientists probed the water column and ocean floor in order to establish a basic understanding of the Chukchi Sea ecosystem.

Artist’s sketchbook: Bringing ice to an ice breaker


As watchstsanders and scientists alike collaborate aboard Coast Guard Cutter Healy to collect vital scientific data, they are joined by artist Bob Selby. This week’s sketchbook takes you inside Healy’s nerve center and even lets you off the polar ice breaker to get core samples and to harvest the ice.

Artist’s sketchbook: Who’s who

Mr. Reedy

Crewmembers aboard Coast Guard Cutter Healy are currently supporting scientific research in the dynamic waters of the north on their Arctic West Summer 2013 deployment. So far you’ve seen what it takes to get underway, the ship’s routine and even the Board of Lies. For this edition of the sketchbook, we’re sharing the faces behind the mission.

Artist’s sketchbook: Board of lies

engine control

Last week we shared the simple moments aboard Healy as crew and scientists alike settled into routine. This week “Artist’s sketchbook” continues with a peek into life in the ship’s engine control room and the deployment of “The Rosette.”

Artist’s sketchbook: Welcome aboard

Healy bridge

As watchstsanders and scientists alike collaborate to collect vital scientific data, they are joined by artist Bob Selby. Follow along with the crew in our series “Artist’s sketchbook” to glimpse daily life aboard Healy, from scientists and cooks to the bridge and engine room.

100 Faces of War: DC3 Nathan Bruckenthal

Portrait courtesy of 100 Faces of War Experience, Matt Mitchell. 100 names. 100 faces. 100 Americans who fought for freedom. So began Matt Mitchell’s journey to paint a portrait of 100 Americans who fought in Iraq or Afghanistan. From the commander of a rifle company to an Army cavalry scout, Mitchell has captured the humanity

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Through the eyes of an artist

Chris Demarest

Despite our world becoming increasingly more digital, art continues to tell the story of the service’s missions and heroes. For the past 30 years, the Coast Guard Art Program has employed art to capture our service’s history and culture. One of these artists is Chris Demarest. Read on for Demarest’s perspectives on capturing the service

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Capturing the Coast Guard on canvas

Coast Guard artist Robert C. Semler's painting "Law enforcement training at Station Cortez" was awarded the 2011 George Gray Award for artistic excellence. U.S. Coast Guard painting. Throughout history, art – in its many forms – has been a common element in communicating military history. From cave paintings of organized hunts to John Ford filming

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