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Honor, Respect, Devotion to Duty: AET2 Ashlee Leppert

Petty Officer 2nd Class Ashlee Leppert, an avionics electrical technician from Coast Guard Air Station New Orleans, takes a moment to reflect during ongoing missions in Houston while deployed for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

When Hurricane Harvey made landfall in August 2017, Petty Officer 2nd Class Ashlee Leppert was one of the first aircrew members to deploy amidst raging winds and rising floodwaters. For her rescue efforts, President Donald Trump recognized Leppert and the hundreds of other Coast Guard members who responded to the hurricane at his 2018 State of the Union address.

Shipmate of the Week – AETC Travis Cutler

Coast Guard Enlisted Person of the Year

Honor. Respect. Devotion to duty. For Coast Guard members, these are more than just simple words, they are core values. As Chief Petty Officer Travis Cutler advanced through the ranks, these words shaped his daily actions and became a way of life. Cutler’s embodiment of the Coast Guard’s core values, strength of character and leadership abilities have earned him the title of Coast Guard Enlisted Person of the Year. As a result of this selection, Cutler was meritoriously advanced to chief petty officer in a ceremony held today in Washington, D.C.

Women in command

women in command

2013 marked an unprecedented year in Coast Guard aviation with four of its 28 aviation units commanded by women. Prior to these assignments, the service had, at most, only one female aviator in command at a time. The first was retired Vice Adm. Vivien Crea who assumed command of Air Station Detroit in 1992. Following the trail blazed by Crea, the women who fill these roles today are as diverse as the aircraft they fly and the missions their units execute every day.

Helicopter pilot #2 – CDR Stewart Graham

Cmdr. Graham

Graham is credited with many helicopter firsts, including the first wartime anti-submarine patrol requiring him to perform the first take-off and landing from a vessel on the high seas. In 1947 he successfully completed the Coast Guard’s first-ever night helicopter medical evacuation. As one of the first to use this technique, Graham was instrumental in exhibiting the capabilities and possibilities of rotary-wing technology to decision makers ensuring support for helicopter programs for decades to come.

Why fly?

Aviate, navigate, communicate. These three words are drilled into the minds of Coast Guard pilots from day one. First, you have to focus on flying the plane. Next, you have to figure out where the plane is headed. Lastly, you have to talk to those in or outside the plane. This week 3,000 aviators descend

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Aircraft mechanics test skills in national competition

Team Coast Guard for the 2011 AMT Society Maintenance Skills Competition included: Petty Officer 1st Class Jason Ford, Petty Officer 1st Class Frank Fontanez, Petty Officer 2nd Class Jon Deitsch, Master Chief Petty Officer Richard Schultz and Petty Officer 2nd Class Matthew Youngs. Photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Cory J. Mendenhall. Written by Petty

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