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The Long Blue Line: 327-foot Secretary Class Cutters “the ships that wouldn’t die”

The June 1936 simultaneous commissioning of Campbell, Duane, Ingham and Taney at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. U.S. Coast Guard photo.

The Secretary-class cutters proved very dependable, versatile and long-lived warships. They became the backbone of the Coast Guard’s high-endurance cutter fleet after World War II and served as maritime workhorses performing all of the missions demanded of high seas cutters.

You are not forgotten: Expedition Alexander Hamilton/Ocean Reef

It’s not every day one gets to be involved in an expedition that touches the hearts of so many. People from all over the world, sacrificing time and resources, collaborated for the good of a common goal: to give closure to those who lost loved ones aboard U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Alexander Hamilton, destroyed during WWII.