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Preparing for the mission

The Coast Guard’s ability to complete missions across the globe is contingent upon capable platforms and, most importantly, Coast Guard members with the proper skills, knowledge, and experience. Prior to deployments, Coast Guard cutters and aircraft crews hone their proficiency through rigorous training programs and practice. Providing the most realistic and high fidelity training environment to practice shipboard helicopter operations, Coast Guard Cutter Venturous led a Deck Qualification Landing (DLQ) exercise, also known as a DLQ Roundup, off the coast of Miami.

Honor, Respect, Devotion to Duty: BM2 Kyle Love

“His efforts to build each case improved safety on the water to support successful prosecution,” said Petty Officer 1st Class Phillip Null, the operations petty officer at Coast Guard Station Marblehead.

Shipmate of the Week – SN Charles Gray, Jarrod Reed & Pablo Taborda

Seamen Charles Gray, Jarrod Reed and Pablo Taborda Jr. were all standing lookout when the spotted survivors in the water two nautical miles away. Photo courtesy of Lt. j.g. Jason Veara. “Land Ahoy!” Over centuries of maritime heritage, this phrase was shouted by a ship’s lookout when land was in sight. Traditionally, a lookout’s duty

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itCG-Marijuana bust pictures, fatal boat crash, marine safety, cruise ship medevac, Mississippi River closure

Post Written by Bob Hopkins Click here for a photo from yesterday’s itCG blogpost on the Coast Guard Cutter Venturous’ offload of 107 bales of marijuana weighing roughly 2,500 pounds and worth about $1.6 million. Guardians from Coast Guard Station Jones Beach aided in a multi-agency rescue after a boat ran aground in a marshy

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itCG-CGC Venturous offloads 107 bales of marijuana, two fatal maritime incidents

Coast Guard Cutter Venturous pulled into the Coast Guard base in Miami yesterday to offload 107 bales of marijuana weighing roughly 2,500 pounds and worth about $1.6 million. The cutter was on a routine patrol in the Caribbean last Thursday when a vessel failed to stop as ordered, launching a pursuit and a subsequent boarding.

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