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The TOP SECRET story of Coast Guard code breaking

From its beginning as the Revenue Cutter Service in 1790, the Coast Guard’s unique authorities and organizational culture of adaptability have allowed it to make great contributions to intelligence and to important military successes in our nation’s history.

The Long Blue Line: Hurricane Hero, Founder of USCG Intelligence

U.S. Coast Guard image.

In studying the historical record of by-gone days, scholars often come across men and women whose deeds are long forgotten by the nation they once served. Such is the case of Charles S. Root, one of the bravest and most accomplished engineering officers in Coast Guard history, who distinguished himself early in his career as a heroic lifesaver.

Coast Guard commemorates first decade in the national intelligence community

Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton requested and received 10 revenue cutters to be used to patrol the coast to identify smugglers and ensure tariffs were paid. Portrait courtesy of the National Archives. Written by Lisa Novak, Coast Guard Public Affairs. How long does it take to get to a 10-year anniversary? About 221 years.

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