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Coast Guard telework policy updated

Organizations with teleworkers, see improvements in the recruitment and retention of a high quality workforce. Telework also improves the resiliency of an organization’s ability to operate when impacted by natural and manmade emergencies. To reflect today’s evolving business practices, the 1997 Coast Guard Telecommuting Commandant Instruction 12630.1 is cancelled and replaced by Commandant Instruction 5330.4.

Implementation of testing urinalysis samples for synthetic compounds

Drug abuse undermines the safety and long-term health of our members and jeopardizes mission performance. Unlawful drug use is a crime. Intentional use of Spice or Bath Salts is a violation of Article 112A of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and the lawful general order issued by the Commandant in ALCOAST 551/13. Additionally, Spice and Bath Salt use could result in administrative separation or prosecution under the UCMJ.

WWI sailor awarded Purple Heart 96 years later

Family and members of the New Hampshire American Legion join Rear Adm. Daniel Neptun and Senator Kelly Ayotte after the presentation ceremony of Fred Wesley Wyman’s Purple Heart at Coast Guard Station Portsmouth Harbor, N.H. Wyman perished aboard Coast Guard Cutter Tampa during World War I after the ship was struck by a german torpedo.

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