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Dialogue with the MCPOCG: TRICARE and you

The nation asks a lot of the Coast Guard, and in turn, your Coast Guard asks a lot of you. And, there are things that an organization owes its members if it’s going to ask so much from them: a safe and secure environment to work in; the resources to get the job done; the freedom to pursue individual goals; and a suite of entitlements to include competitive pay and access to adequate healthcare. Based on the vast variety of each individual’s or each family’s medical needs, arranging healthcare can be a complicated endeavor.

Communities of Practice – Info-sharing helps ombudsmen serve commands and families

Coast Guard ombudsmen serve as a valuable link between commands and families, helping commanding officers/officers-in-charge better understand the welfare of the families of their members, while at the same time helping families prepare for emergencies and cope with the challenges of a military lifestyle – duty, deployments, transfers, etc.

In your own words – MCPOCG launches leadership video contest

Every one of us has the capacity to be a leader. Some attain positions of authority and are charged with leading others in the accomplishment of tasks towards a common goal. But, some demonstrate initiative, take charge, or implement change regardless of their rate, rank or position.

Getting us all on the same page – HSWL releases updated “Sea Legs” reference guide for our loved ones

It’s been said, through a couple variations of the same quote, that understanding comes to us in the following sequence: First, we don’t know what we don’t know; then, we know what we don’t know; and finally, we know what we know.

Starting out in the Coast Guard is no different.

Dialogue with the MCPOCG: Welcome to the Family!

Nothing gives me greater joy than recognizing the hard work and accomplishments of the men and women who make up our Coast Guard workforce. I recently had the honor of watching one such group in action – The Guardian Spouses at Training Center Cape May, New Jersey.