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Where do you stand after filing your taxes?

CG SUPRT can help you identify problem spending habits and teach you defense strategies to combat overspending. A Money Coach can look at your budget and spending and help you develop a plan to save. They can also help you tackle debt from credit cards, loans, mortgages, and more. If your financial difficulties come from a habit that is hard to kick, consider talking with a Health and Wellness Coach for support on breaking bad habits and getting on track to overall wellness. In addition, if you are feeling stressed by your financial situation, you can request to speak with a counselor who can support you in dealing with the life’s challenges. Simply call CG SUPRT to set up your first consultation with a Money Coach, Health and Wellness Coach, or a counselor. These services are free and confidential for you and your family members.

OSMS and YOU: Financial Management

The Officer Specialty Code, FIN10 – Financial Management, is currently one of the most dynamic specialties around. Financial Management is also one of OSCs with the highest growth in Advanced Education opportunities. This year we received 18 tabs, nearly twice as many as any other Advanced Education program, and we’re selecting personnel from every Coast Guard community – Afloat, Response, Prevention, and Aviators!

Military Saves Week: Take the pledge!

This Military Saves Week, join the more than 180,000 people who have pledged to save by taking the Military Saves Pledge. If you have already taken the pledge, Military Saves encourages you to recommit to your savings goal and re-pledge today. Those who take the pledge are eligible for: