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Future leaders: First Class Cadet Kyla Hughley

Coast Guard Academy First Class Cadet Kyla Hughley always knew she wanted a career in the military and in the sky. Hughley distinguished herself at the Academy by making it her mission to try out for every extra position, every extra class, and every extra group to become the service’s next future leader. The sky is the limit for Hughley as she heads to flight school upon graduation from the Academy.

Future Leaders: Ensigns Kurt Caminske and Jacob Brown

Newly commissioned Ensigns Jacob Brown and Kurt Caminske pause for a moment following the Coast Guard Academy's 2018 Commencement ceremony at the Academy in New London, Conn., May 23, 2018. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Lauren Laughlin.

As regimental commanding officer and executive officer of the Coast Guard Academy Corps of Cadets, newly commissioned Ensigns Kurt Caminske and Jacob Brown know what it takes to lead the future leaders of the Coast Guard. Now, after their senior year and graduation, Caminske and Brown are no longer leaders of the Class of 2018, but ensigns in the Coast Guard headed to their new units. These new officers intend to use what they learned as leaders of the Corps of Cadets to serve the Coast Guard and nation with pride and honor.

Future Leaders: First Class Cadet Erin Wright

U.S. Coast Guard Academy First Class Cadet Erin Wright. U.S. Coast Guard photo.

Coast Guard Academy First Class Cadet Erin Wright is doing all she can to make a difference at the Coast Guard Academy, in the Coast Guard and in the world. Following graduation and commissioning as an officer in the Coast Guard, Wright will be heading to the United Kingdom this summer to continue her education as the 2018-2019 Fulbright scholar. She will be pursuing a Master of Philosophy degree in Energy Engineering at Newcastle University in Newcastle, United Kingdom.

Future Leaders: First Class Cadet Daria McKenna

Coast Guard Academy First Class Cadet Daria McKenna poses for a photo between Hamilton Hall and Chase Hall at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, Conn. U.S. Coast Guard photo.

When things are going right there is nobody more popular on the college campus than the student-athlete, the gifted cadet who can sink a basket or get that vital first down. Even better is the athlete who can step into the classroom and hold their own against cadets who do not have extracurricular commitments. Coast Guard Academy First Class Cadet Daria McKenna attacks on the field and in the classroom. This week, Compass is featuring several outstanding cadets who will soon be graduating from the Academy to become our future leaders.

Future Leaders: Navigating the international waters of the Coast Guard Academy

Four years at a military academy is arduous for the most prepared students, but navigating through those years as an international cadet adds an extra layer of difficulty. Language barriers, culture shock, and homesickness can make studying in another country almost impossible. One such student is First Class Cadet James Myazoe of Marjuro, Marshall Island.

Future Leaders: Turning thoughts into action at the Coast Guard Academy

First Class Cadet Angela-Ruth Johnson has been turning thoughts into action since she first set her sights on the Coast Guard Academy. Upon graduation from the Academy with a degree in Operations Research and Computer Analysis, Johnson will be entering the fleet as an ensign in the United States Coast Guard. She will be tasked with large amounts of responsibilities in the overseeing of day-to-day activities. This is the moment she has been working towards since she initially began her Coast Guard career five years ago.

Future Leaders: Graduating Coast Guard Academy basketball star readies for military career

Victoria Sutherland, a first class cadet at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, is a stand-out player on the Bears’ women’s basketball team. As a three-time all-conference selectee and 1,000-point scorer, she knows what it’s like to lead on the court. When she graduates in May, Sutherland will also be leading in the fleet as the deck watch officer aboard Coast Guard Cutter Bernard C. Webber, a fast response cutter homeported in Miami.