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On dangerous ice – Coast Guard warns not all ice is safe

Record low temperatures this winter have led to many of America’s waterways freezing early – or in some cases for the first time in a long time – and a spateĀ of ice rescues and some fatalities as people find themselves on dangerously thin ice. (File Photo) The crew of Coast Guard Station Burlington conducting ice

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itCG-Cleveland rescue, piracy training, oil spill, survival at sea

Members of the Coast Guard Maritime Security Response Team perform a vertical insertion on the U.S.S. Cape St. George, Oct. 21, 2009, as part of the Spartan Rings maritime security exercise. Click on image for more information and imagery on the Spartan Rings exercise. (U.S. Navy Photo) The Cleveland Browns were not the only ones

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itCG-stranded at sea, Good Sams to the rescue, boat ejection

Two people were rescued after being stranded on their personal watercraft off the southern coast of New Jersey. Thankfully, someone had called authorities to report that the two people had not returned as planned. It is important to always file a float plan with people you trust. Let them know what you plan to do

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