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Week in the life of the Coast Guard 2017 – Wednesday

Take a look to see what an average Wednesday entailed during the month of February. Today we feature operations to include ice rescue and first aid training, and highlight members who embody the Coast Guard core values of honor, respect, and devotion to duty.

On ice: Hunting & fishing safety

ice rescue

While many water enthusiasts hauled out their boat after the first sign of cold weather, many boaters still rely on their vessels for hunting, fishing and transportation through the winter season. If you plan on recreating outdoors throughout the cold months, we urge you to keep safety your number one priority.

Icy Resolve

Rescue operation

Icy Resolve – simulating the crash of a commuter airplane into ice-covered Lake Erie – employed numerous airboats, helicopters and shore-based rescue crews and provided rescuers the opportunity to evaluate their plans, capabilities and coordination. Icy Resolve also tested each agency’s ability to execute critical incident communications, emergency medical care and many other elements of mass rescue operations.

ICE: Intelligence, clothing, equipment

Ice rescue training

Many recreational boaters in colder parts of the country have put their boats away until spring, but scores of boaters still rely on their vessels for hunting, fishing and transportation. Once familiar lakes or rivers can freeze over and become unpredictable and dangerous. Ice is an ever-changing surface, and the fluctuating weather conditions affect the ice’s stability.

On thin ice

Two airboat crews get underway on a safety patrol for residents who were stranded due to flooding in their North Dakota community. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Annie R. Berlin. While scores of boaters in colder parts of the country have put their boats into storage until spring, many still rely

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Shipmate of the Week – Crew of CG201240

Special purpose craft airboat

The airboat crew of CG201240 brought 22 stranded and disoriented fishermen safely home after a sudden snowstorm created hazardous conditions on Lake Erie. Photo courtesy of Senior Chief Petty Officer Gregory Zerfass. Ice. Freezing temperatures. Blinding conditions. These are hostile environments to perform the Coast Guard’s missions, but for the men and women of the

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Ice rescue training on the Great Lakes

Night Time Ice Rescue Training

Coast Guard men and women standing the watch on the Great Lakes perform their missions in one of the nation’s most environmentally challenging areas, and one element above all others presents the biggest challenge – ice. This winter season has already seen some incredible rescues, including two people stranded atop an adrift ice floe, two

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Guardians of the Week – BM2s Summers, Ray and SN Edwards

Coast Guard Station Wilmette Harbor is located just north of Chicago. (Coast Guard photo) Coast Guardsmen often find themselves in a position to rescue others.  It usually happens on a boat or from the air, but two weeks ago our three Guardians of the Week, Petty Officers 2nd Class Chris Summers and Kevin Ray and

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