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The Long Blue Line: Leyte liberation—Merry Christmas from the General and the dead of LST-66

Photo of LST-66 anchored in the San Francisco Bay after her return from the war. The black and white image shows the effects of the kamikaze attack on her aft starboard side. (U.S. Coast Guard Collection)

Seventy-five years ago, on December 25, 1944, after a six-week campaign to liberate the Philippine island of Leyte, Allied forces under General Douglas Macarthur were mopping up the last vestiges of Japanese resistance. The invasion of the Philippines was one of the last major land battles of the Pacific War leading up to the surrender of Japan. By the 26th, MacArthur announced the end of organized resistance on Leyte. It was a fitting Christmas gift to the Philippine people and MacArthur’s forces would pursue the enemy back to the island nation’s capital in Manila.

North Pacific partnerships

Rear Adm. Joseph Castillo with China Border Control Department Maj. Gen. Kuanyou Xu and Lt. Col. Liang Xu at the North Pacific Coast Guard Forum’s most recent experts meeting. Photo courtesy of China Border Control Department. Written by Pacific Area International Affairs. The safety and economic security of maritime nations depends substantially upon the secure

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CGC Jarvis returns from international patrol

CGC Jarvis

Ensign Roger Nayden, CGC Jarvis Public Affairs Officer, contributed to this post  VLADIVOSTOK, Russia – CGC Jarvis crew poses with Coast Guard and maritime security counterparts from China, Japan, Russia and South Korea during international sports day, August 27, 2010. Sports day took place during the international Multilateral, Multi-mission Exercise. U.S. Coast Guard photo. Aloha

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itCG-Cleveland rescue, piracy training, oil spill, survival at sea

Members of the Coast Guard Maritime Security Response Team perform a vertical insertion on the U.S.S. Cape St. George, Oct. 21, 2009, as part of the Spartan Rings maritime security exercise. Click on image for more information and imagery on the Spartan Rings exercise. (U.S. Navy Photo) The Cleveland Browns were not the only ones

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