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The rule of international law follows

Today, in the South Atlantic, maintaining international law is a collaborative effort involving a maritime presence from 15 countries. These 15 countries contribute to the multinational detection, monitoring and interdiction operation working together to deny transnational criminal organizations the ability to exploit transshipment routes for the movement of narcotics, precursor chemicals, bulk cash and weapons along Central American shipping routes.

Coast Guard and Royal Navy interdict $16 million worth of contraband


What happens when the U.S. Coast Guard partners with the Royal Navy? An estimated wholesale value of $16 million worth of drugs never made it on the streets. The interdiction of 2,155 pounds of marijuana and 420 kilograms of cocaine stemmed from two separate interdictions near San Andres, Colombia. The first interdiction involved the Royal Navy warship HMS Lancaster with a U.S. Coast Guard Law Enforcement Detachment Team aboard.

Shipmate of the Week – LT Aaron Renschler

Lt. Renschler

INDIAN OCEAN – Members of the U.S. Coast Guard Law Enforcement Detachment and Combined Task Force 151 board a suspicious dhow March 31, 2010. The members are on board the USS Farragut and part of a multinational task force established to conduct anti-piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden. U.S. Navy photo by Petty Officer

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