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Coast Guard Family Month: CG SUPRT for caregivers

With November being Coast Guard Family Month, many think about their spouses and children. But often, family also includes older family members that have become dependent on your care. Caring for an elderly relative can be a wonderful time for both of you to get closer, but it also can become demanding, stressful, unpredictable and exhausting, taking a toll on you and even causing difficulties at work. November is also National Family Caregivers Month and CG SUPRT would like to highlight the resources and services available to make caregiving easier and to support the caregivers in your family.

Important change to the Military Lending Act

The Military Lending Act (MLA) is a federal law enacted in 2006 to protect servicemembers and their covered dependents from excessively high interest rates on certain consumer agreements. The maximum interest rate a creditor may charge for these transactions is 36%, including most premiums and associated fees. Originally these protections only applied to payday loans, vehicle title loans, and refund anticipation loans; however, the new rules greatly expand coverage of the 36% interest rate well beyond the few original categories. Read the full post to learn more.