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A journey in leadership: Adm. Paul Zukunft addresses Coast Guard Academy Corps of Cadets

During his annual leadership address at the Coast Guard Academy, Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Paul Zukunft took the Corps of Cadets on a journey in leadership, sharing insights from more than 40 years of service.

225 years of Service to Nation: Migrant interdiction

225 Years of Service to Nation

The Coast Guard began its mission of migrant interdiction on the high-seas in 1794, when the Congress of the United States declared that no American citizen may carry slaves from the U.S. to another nation or between foreign nations. The Coast Guard, through its predecessor the Revenue Cutter Service, was charged with enforcing this law.

Dallas’ everlasting impact

After nearly 45 years of service to the nation, Coast Guard Cutter Dallas has been decommissioned. We’ve shared with you stories from their last patrol, tales from the chief’s mess and even a note from the cutter’s last commanding officer. Dallas has seen thousands of men and women aboard its decks, so it seems no

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Semper nostra optima

The instant the keel of a new Coast Guard cutter is laid, the ship begins the journey toward its eventual decommissioning. The Coast Guard Cutter Dallas began the voyage in the 1960s and approached that inevitable fate today as the ship sailed into homeport after its last patrol as a U.S. warship.

What a mess…

After nearly 45 years of service to the nation, Coast Guard Cutter Dallas is being decommissioned. From performing naval gunfire support missions off Vietnam to being the command ship during the 1980 Mariel Boatlift, Dallas has truly seen it all. As Dallas is decommissioned, a new fleet of national security cutters are coming on the

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Coast Guard commemorates first decade in the national intelligence community

Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton requested and received 10 revenue cutters to be used to patrol the coast to identify smugglers and ensure tariffs were paid. Portrait courtesy of the National Archives. Written by Lisa Novak, Coast Guard Public Affairs. How long does it take to get to a 10-year anniversary? About 221 years.

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Giving thanks – Master Chief Roccie Mancuso

It was May 15, 1980, when my family and I were crammed along with 30 other people in a 10-person boat destined for the U.S. Within a few hours of our journey we found ourselves in the middle of a storm. It was dark and waves punched the boat left and right. Soon many of us were sick to our stomachs.

Shipmate of the Week – AUX Betty Riddle

Auxiliarist Betty Riddle on watch

Fort Myers Beach, Fla. – Auxiliarist Betty Riddle mans the communication watch at the Coast Guard Station. For 30 years, Riddle has volunteered 30 hours a week standing the watch. U.S. Coast Guard photo. 30 hours a week x 30 years = 46,800 hours. That is how many hours Betty Riddle donated as a Coast

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itCG – Arctic awareness, Ingham becomes historic landmark, Guardians on the small screen, Christmas Tree Ship Mackinaw

As the Arctic becomes more accessible to shipping traffic, the Coast Guard will be presented with new scientific research opportunities as well as marine safety and homeland security challenges. Earlier this week, journalists were invited on the final Arctic Awareness flight of the year and given the opportunity to discuss the Coast Guard’s Arctic missions

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