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Five takeaways from the NNOA Annual Leadership, Professional Development & Training Conference

Coast Guard members recently participated in the National Naval Officers Association’s annual conference in Virginia Beach, Va. The agenda was loaded with discussions and opportunities for mentoring. Attendees learned about the work that is happening in human resources and recruiting to develop a more diverse and inclusive workforce, and how they can grow professionally as leaders, mentors, and mentees. Here are just five of the countless takeaways from the conference.

Lumping people together; it’s only human

I suppose I was lumped into a few categories in my Coast Guard career – mostly for the good – although there were a few who just couldn’t seem to see any value in me. I never did understand why. Fortunately, several people took me under their wing, at several stages in my career, because they saw potential and a strong work ethic underneath the rough edges I displayed.

Evaluations: They’re not for you!

How do you think your favorite sports team would perform if they only received feedback once or twice per year? Probably not so great. That is why their coaches continuously evaluate performance and provide feedback – constantly. At the end of the year, coaches review the players stats, they see how the player performed overall, whether they improved or not, and they discuss their potential for the next year. The coach uses this annual evaluation to figure out what to do with their players for the next year. You should approach your evaluations in the same manner.

Coast Guard personnel “do lunch” with local students

On Monday, members from Baltimore-area Coast Guard units joined administrators and students from the Brooklyn Park Middle School in Brooklyn Park, Md, for the school’s December “Just Lunch” program. The “Just Lunch” program is designed to promote and encourage academic excellence among the students through positive mentorship.

Bravo zulu, CAPT Ken “Doc” Harman!

Coast Guard All Hands sends out a bravo zulu to Capt. Ken Harman, chief flight surgeon at the Coast Guard Aviation Training Center in Mobile, Ala. Harman was recently recognized for his more than 30 years of community and military service with the 2013 Martha Myers Role Model Award given by the University of Alabama, Birmingham.

Creating opportunity through leadership, mentorship and diversity

Shipmates, as we travel through life it is important to have trusted means of navigation to help guide us. Whether it’s family, faith, the Constitution, a mentor or a trusted organization, we all need navigational aids to keep us on track, both at home and with our careers.

The right to serve & defend your country

Mentorship often involves the sharing of personal experiences and stories passed down among generations with the sole purpose of bettering the life of others. Over the past week, the story of the Tuskegee Airmen has likely become the focal point for many a mentoring discussion before and after screenings of the film Red Tails. During

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Women’s Leadership Symposium: Rear Adm. Sandra Stosz

Rear Adm. Stosz

“I would like to leave the next generation in the long, blue line of officer and enlisted leaders and followers with the character, culture and core values needed to selflessly serve the Coast Guard and nation in an increasingly uncertain world,” – Rear Adm. Sandra Stosz.