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In the zone: ‘Three interdictions in one day!’

On a patrol that took the crew of Coast Guard Cutter Sherman away from their families during the holiday season, the mission has never been so critical. Lives hang in the balance as they work to keep drugs from reaching the U.S. streets and ravaging Central America. In one day, the crew interdicted three drug runs seizing more than 6,613 pounds of cocaine with a wholesale price of $99 million.

USCG and SEMAR: Shared border, shared missions

U.S. and Mexico vessels moored

Coast Guard Cutter Escanaba moored alongside the Mexican navy ship Baja California at its first port call for UNITAS 2011. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Lt. John Goshorn. The U.S. and Mexico share more than a border; they also share a relationship that crosses the full spectrum of maritime operations. The Coast Guard and Mexican

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