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The Long Blue Line: Keeper Miles—working with a disability in the 1800s

Illustration of a man with prosthetic leg climbing a ladder. (A.A. Marks Company 1888)

Born in Charleston, South Carolina, in 1845, John Miles was a keeper in the United States Lighthouse Service who continued to serve after losing his leg. After the Civil War, Miles lived in Fernandina, Florida, and served at Amelia Island’s North Range Lights located in the extreme northeast corner of Florida. There he lived and worked from 1873 into the 1880s and likely until his death in 1895.

National Disability Employment Awareness Month: Teamwork makes anything possible

Jim Abbott

Of the Coast Guard’s 8,700 civil servants, 10 percent report some type of disability, and the majority of them are in positions critical to day-to-day operations that protect the American people. This is not a limiting factor in our organization; rather, it is part of the diversity that defines us.