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The Long Blue Line: Coast Guard—the “North Carolina Navy”

Photo of the new Fast Response Cutter Richard Etheridge, named for the famed North Carolina Lifesaving Station keeper. (Coast Guard photo)

The Coast Guard’s history is closely tied to the State of North Carolina. This connection dates back to 1790 and the men and women who have served at the many stations and bases along the coast and eastern side of North Carolina.

In behalf of humanity

Cutter Etheridge

Another vessel has joined the ranks and earned the title “Coast Guard cutter.” However this isn’t just any cutter, it’s a fast response cutter. At 154-feet long, the ship has an impressive array of capabilities, including sustained speeds of more than 28 knots and an armament of a stabilized 25mm machine-gun mount and four, crew-served .50-caliber machine guns. But more impressive than its technology, more impressive than its features, is the cutter’s namesake – Richard Etheridge.

Sponsor chosen for Cutter Richard Etheridge

Cutter Richard Etheridge at builder’s trials in Grand Isle, La., earlier this week. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Chief Warrant Officer Richard Ball. Written by Lt. j.g. James Ellsworth, executive officer of Coast Guard Cutter Richard Etheridge. The notion of a cutter or ship sponsor is deeply rooted in naval tradition, with a woman selected

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ADM Rochon awarded Spirit of Hope Award

Spirit of Hope

Post written by Angela Hirsch, chief, Coast Guard Community Relations Vice Admiral Sally Brice O’Hara, Coast Guard Vice Commandant, looks on as Kelly Hope, son of Bob Hope, presents the Spirit of Hope lapel pin to Retired Rear Adm. Stephen P. Rochon. Coast Guard photo by PA2 Patrick Kelley. Retired Rear Adm. Stephen P. Rochon

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Coast Guard Heroes: Richard Etheridge

This Compass series chronicles the first 14 heroes the Sentinel-class Fast Response Cutters have been named for. These men and women, who stood the watch before us, lived extraordinary lives as they lit the way for sailors in times past, braved gunfire in times of war and rescued those in peril at sea. As Coast

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