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Blinded by the light

Laser beam

Weather conditions, crew responsiveness, incoming hazards and myriad meters, gauges and measurements. These are just a few of the things a pilot has to be wary of when flying an aircraft. A new concern is affecting Coast Guard pilots from Cape Cod, to Hawaii, from Puerto Rico to Seattle. Every air station in the Coast Guard is on the lookout for a simple beam of light.

Helicopter pilot #2 – CDR Stewart Graham

Cmdr. Graham

Graham is credited with many helicopter firsts, including the first wartime anti-submarine patrol requiring him to perform the first take-off and landing from a vessel on the high seas. In 1947 he successfully completed the Coast Guard’s first-ever night helicopter medical evacuation. As one of the first to use this technique, Graham was instrumental in exhibiting the capabilities and possibilities of rotary-wing technology to decision makers ensuring support for helicopter programs for decades to come.

The right to serve & defend your country

Mentorship often involves the sharing of personal experiences and stories passed down among generations with the sole purpose of bettering the life of others. Over the past week, the story of the Tuskegee Airmen has likely become the focal point for many a mentoring discussion before and after screenings of the film Red Tails. During

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Remembering LT Colleen Cain 30 years later

A portrait of a Coast Guard heroine – the first female Coast Guard aviator killed in the line of duty. Lt. Colleen Cain's helicopter crashed during a rescue mission off Hawaii, 1982. U.S. Coast Guard portrait by Leonora Rae Smith. Lt. Colleen Cain, a Coast Guard reservist, became the service’s first female helicopter pilot in

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Day 8: Coast Guard Video of the Year

Video of the Year contest

Our eighth video features Coast Guard Air Station Astoria rescuing a 17-year-old boy after he fell from a 200-foot cliff in Lewis and Clark State Park, Wash. Lt. Mark Lynch, a Royal Australian Navy pilot flying the case, narrates the video. Click on the post to watch the video and find out how to vote for your favorite…

Remembering 9/11, Nine Years Later – CDR Michael Day

Remembering 9/11

NEW YORK, New York (Sept. 11)–Coast Guard Petty officer Billy Bashaw, from Station Fire Island, bows his head in sorrow onboard his rescue boat Sept. 11. Bashaw has close friends who work in the World Trade Center who are still unaccounted for. USCG photo by PAC Tom Sperduto CDR Michael Day As the nation reflects

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Different Firsts for Coast Guard UAS Pilots

The Coast Guard Compass blog ran a Guardian of the Week feature on November 6 about LT Thomas Shuler being the first operational UAS pilot. We have since received a comment challenging LT Shuler’s status as the first operational UAS pilot and citing CDR Jose (Tony) Saliceti as the first qualified Coast Guard UAS pilot.

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Guardian of the Week – LT Thomas Shuler

LT Thomas Shuler is pioneering the Coast Guard’s UAS (Unmanned Aerial Surveillance) program by earning the distinction of being our first operational Predator MQ-9 Pilot. LT Shuler is part of a small team of Coast Guard officers based at ATC Mobile, AL that is developing the Coast Guard’s UAS training and standardization program. LT Shuler

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itCG-half mast, helicopter rescue, missing pilot, fuel spill, investigation

Flag is lowered to half mast during a morning color ceremony at Coast Guard Air Station Sacramento, Sunday Nov. 1, 2009. The ceremony was held in honor of seven coastguardsmen who were lost at sea when a Coast Guard C-130 suffered a mid-air collision with a Marine Corps AH-1W helicopter, Oct. 29, 2009. (Coast Guard

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