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Research, Development, Test & Evaluation Spotlight: 3-D Printing

For the average person, tracking down a spare part is merely an annoyance. But for the crew of a Coast Guard cutter, the availability of spare parts can be important to mission completion or greatly affect their work environment.

The Coast Guard Research and Development Center in New London, Connecticut, is currently studying how the use of 3-D printing technology might improve mission readiness through logistical support.

Coast Guard partners to deter search and rescue hoax calls

Temporary Denial of Service 911 hoax calls plague our nation’s first responder agencies. Similarly, there is a growing hoax call problem on the Channel 16 maritime distress frequency, which mariners rely on for radio communications in our nation’s ports and waterways. Search and rescue (SAR) hoax calls disrupt and divert the Coast Guard’s operational response to legitimate mariners in emergency situations. The Coast Guard has partnered with an academic research team to tackle the SAR hoax call phenomenon.

Securing our borders: Biometrics at sea


A boatcrew from Coast Guard Cutter Vigorous approaches a 25-foot yola with 90 Haitian migrants aboard, 20 miles northeast of Ile de La Tortue, Haiti. U.S. Coast Guard photo. Written by Lt. j.g. Al Sowers, Coast Guard’s Office of C4 & Sensors Capabilities. The U.S. Coast Guard is the first-line protector of our nation’s 95,000

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